Young Artists in Winnipeg

Winnipeg Child

Aboriginal and New Immigrant youth unite in a live stage performance about life on the streets of Winnipeg.

The Winnipeg Child performances took place April 3rd and 4th at Winnipeg's Contemporary Dancers Rachel Browne Theatre. Both shows were presented to a packed house and were a great success.

Winnipeg Child was a combination of rap, music, dance, video and spoken word. Each of the youths brought their unique skills and ideas to the performance in a way that made the audience members reconsider their preconceptions about Aboriginal and New Immigrant youths in Winnipeg.

14 youth took part in the performance they were:
Almaz Aschalew
Azim Bekkodjaev
Joel Chartrand
Jeremy Choken
Dagmawit Fekede
Bobby Ganjosa
Chaltu Ganjosa
Mandela Garang
Bekelu Negash
Aaron Richard
Mitchel Richard
Lenda Tesfaye
Cheyenne Traverse
Jamshaid Wahabi