Trying to Exit a talk out following the premiere of Women and Girls in the Sex Trade

Alexus Young speaking at Trying to Exit Forum, Oct. 2005

Trying to Exit a talk out following the premiere of Women and Girls in the Sex Trade

Trying to Exit Forum, Oct. 2005

Edith Regier performance In Memory of Darice Hall in Rio De Janiero, Brazil

Edith Regier performing at Staging Human Right in Brazil Nov. 2005

Out and About, a Crossing Communities Art Project forum

Out and About, Oct. 2004

New Genre Public Art

Doll made by Yvonne Johnson author of Stolen Life and great great granddaughter of Big Bear

Selected Public Engagments 2006 and Earlier

Presentation of Women and Girls in the Sex Trade to a Lunch and Learn session co-hosted by Manitoba Women's Advisory Council and the Congress of Black Women, Manitoba Chapter.

Presentation of Women and Girls in the Sex Trade to Nursing Students at the University of Manitoba, January 2006

Presentation of Women and Girls in the Sex Trade to Manitoba Women's Advisory Council, December 2005

Trying to Exit - October 2005
In this talk out forum event at the opening screening of Women and Girls in the Sex Trade, the women who told their stories in the videos share their hopes and dreams for their futures and desribe the hard process of leaving the sex trade and the long term supports they need to accomplish this. Hundreds of people including front line workers and Aboriginal elders join together to speak out about how to increase the chances for some of the most vulnerable women and girls in our society to transition out of the sex trade.

Staging Human Rights - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil November 2005
Staging Human Rights brought together Brazilian government officials, prisoners, prison staff and the public in general to dialogue though the arts about human rights in the justice system. Edith Regier, Crossing Communites' Artistic Director, was invited to perform In Memory of Darcie Hall a video-performance piece performed by Edith Regier with video footage shot by Erika MacPherson.

Out and About - October 2004
On October 2, 2004 UK and Brazilian based People's Palace Project that stages Art For Human Rights partnered with Crossing Communities Art Project to present a public forum that explored art as dialogue towards alternatives to incarceration.

New Genre Public Art Forum 2001
This forum was co-hosted by Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art. The invited speakers were: Suzanne Lacy, California based performance artist and author of Mapping the Terrain - New Genre Public Art, Dr. Jeanne Randolph, Toronto based psychiatrist and art theorist, author of Symbolization and Its Discontents, Kim Pate, the National Director of the Elizabeth Fry Association, Debbie Blunderfield, Manitoba Director of the Elizabeth Fry Society, and Edith Regier, Crossing Communities Director. Catherine Mattes an independent curator moderated the forum. This forum was held in conjunction with the "Conditional Sentences/Reparative Pictures" exhibition to bring together a broad spectrum of the community to dialogue about the artist's role as engaged with criminalized women and girls towards social transformation.

Between Creator and Receivers, 1999
A roundtable discussion in conjunction with 6+4=Passing Pictures with Prisoners. Dr. Jeanne Randolph cultural theorist and psychiatrist, Yvonne Johnson the great, great granddaughter of Big Bear and author of the autobiography Stolen Life who is serving a life sentence (she joined the discussion via videotaped presentation), and Mary Roberts a First Nations elder. Each spoke from cross cultural positions about the exhibition and its relationship to the local and national justice system.