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Looking In Speaking Out

LookingInSpeakingOut.com is Crossing Communities Art Project's web based project that presents videos collectively made by Crossing Communities Art Project and the women and youth who come to our studios. Their videos courageously reveal lived experiences including the sex trade, self-harm, addictions, HIV, violence, suicide, being transgendered, being widowed, and other perspectives that often aren't included in public places. We hope you will visit LookingInSpeakingOut.com and respond to what you see with your thoughts and join us in dialogues towards social change.

Looking In Speaking Out in Nepal

Crossing Communities Art Project traveled to Nepal in May and June of 2009 to conduct video and photography workshops in partnership with Women Foundation Nepal as Crossing Communities Art Project's first international partnership. Artist Rosalie Favell and Crossing Communities staff, Edith Regier, Alison Davis, Stephanie Scott and Nicole Shimenok spent three weeks working with Nepali women to produce video work that is currently available on www.lookinginspeakingout.com.
The videos White to Red, A Story of HIV and Why Self-Harm? A Discussion Amongst Nepali Youth deal with the experiences of Nepali women and youth of being widowed, being affected by addictions and other forms of self-harm, and living with HIV.

The Process of Creating the Work on Looking In Speaking Out

The work included on Looking In Speaking Out spans from 2006 to the present and is created through a process of collaboration between Crossing Communities members, visiting artists, and Crossing Communities staff. The topics and themes of the work originate from our members who then work with visiting artists and staff to create work that effectively communicates their visions. Artists Jessica MacCormack, Rosalie Favell & Shelley Niro came to the Crossing Communities studios to conduct workshops in video, photography, photoshop and visual art. They mentored Crossing Communities members in the creation of videos, photographs, and digital collage.